Thursday, September 13, 2007

TAG! I'm it?

So, fernfiddlehead "tags" me and I have to go to her blog to see what that means! Well, it means, that I have to list 6 unique and unusual things about myself, and then tag 6 other people. Why six? I have no idea.
So. I start thinking about unusual things about me. I'm pretty normal. typical. I wake up in time to get my son to school. Drive him. Come home. Craft, pay bills, clean house, home school my teen and then pick up my son from school. Homework. Football. Dinner. Bedtime.
What's unusual? I have to think further than after a couple of days, here's about all I can come up with.

1. I was raised as a Christian, but believe in Buddhism more. I love it. I read books on Buddhism every night. I think it's absolutely fantastic, and I love debating and learning about religions. So there...Buddhism is my #1 unique thing.
2. I am afraid of umbrellas. I can't stand them, they creep me out and scare me. They look like any minute one of those little metal spindles will collapse and the whole thing will snap down on your head. PLUS, who puts a metal rod over their head in a storm? um, not me. Whoever thought of that, kudos to them. It worked, people are buying into it...and that's the best sales job I can think of.
3. I deeply want to be a foster parent. Always have. I want to take in every child with huge family issues. I love kids like that. I attract them like a magnet and I love it.
4. My sense of smell is crazy. I can smell things from a mile away and it drives my family nuts. When our dog who died last year would go to the bathroom downstairs, just would wake me up out of a sound sleep UPSTAIRS. Just the smell. I know it's the sense for 10 people stuck into my one little nose.
5. Because of the smell thing...I can't breathe out of my nose when by strangers. I don't want to smell them. ewwwwww. The thought is making my entire face contort even as I type this.
6. Hmmm. One more...something different and unique. Well, considering that I live in this teeny little Southern Baptist TX town...being a Buddha believing, nose pierced, beer drinking, crude sense of humor mom makes me unique enough I suppose. I'd rather have a beer with the guys than hang with the girls. I love sittin' in the yard, lookin' at the cattle and horses behind us, with a Bud (butt wiper) weiser and hang out with my friends and family. Not unique...but it IS what I love and this is about me, right?

Now...I'm going to go in search of I'm going to the etsy craft site. The first people that I see are going to get this! HA!

Alright. Those are the people I'm taggin. If you GOT tagged and you don't know me. Eh, go with it. Keep the game of tag in play. If you know me, well, you aren't surprised now, are you? HA HA HA HA


Jen Vecc said...

yay tag! :) i tagged fern fiddle head and she tagged you! how great :)

fernfiddlehead said...

Yay, you played. Nice to "meet" you. I admire you already.