Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to my sweet, sweet husband!!! Just hated to go by this day without sendin' love on the blog to the greatest man in my life!!!

I love this day because it reminds me of how lucky we are to have him.

Here's to you, honey! Have a great, great day! (now I'm gonna get off the computer and go spend TIME with that faboulous guy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hot weather has arrived...

And in honour of the hot weather...we have a new haircut!!! Yep...we sure do. Now, I don't know how long this is going to last, but for right now...this is it!

We've been having lots of fun this summer...we've been to the library a bizillion times, taken drawing classes there, met new homeschool kids, met our new homeschool group(s). We've started redefining how we're going to learn. I'm so excited and the more we do, the more excited I am!

This has been the most fun summer so far because of all of the activities we're doing! Absolutely the best thing far. I know there will be frustrating days, but after a day like today, I can't even imagine it.

So parks, waterparks, new friends, classes and fun times with old friends...and new haircuts...


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Going with the flow

My son has broken his arm(s) several times. Twice on a skateboard, so I banned skateboards. This worked for a couple of years until my ex husband bought my son a NEW skateboard this year. I about passed out when he told me. The skateboard stayed at his house for 2 months...but then my son brought it home.

Now, I realize I'm out of options. If I say he cannot ride it at all ever and trash it, then I'm the "bad guy". If I simply say "no." well, he takes it back to ex's house and rides it there. So I smile and think, think, think.

Then I made a deal with my little guy. Helmet on, can ride. He fights it. I am adamant. I then find skateboard lessons. Yep. Skatepark, ramps, halfpipes, everything...and they offer lessons. Ah, HA!

So we went yesterday. Up at the buttcrack of dawn to drive an hour to get to the skateboard lessons. He had a teacher named Stefan who was so positive, fun and cool. My child was having so much fun...pouring buckets of I ran around taking photos of he and the other kids in the class. We stayed for hours. Now? My kid wants kneepads...wrist guards...elbow pads...
Because the big guys had them. Because he wants to learn more.

We left the skateboarding...went by the library to sign up for the summer reading program...came home...

My husband and I had a softball game last night, so the lil guy got to cheer for US last night...

And it was a perfect day. Everyone felt accomplished. We all got exercise and learned a lot...and it seems that every weekend, I will be getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to be at skateboard lessons! And I'm okay with that!

Friday, June 06, 2008

AAAND....homeschooling begins!!!

So, one of the most fun things in parenting is teaching your children. I have decided, once again, to take on the fun task of homeschooling my son! We are both incredibly excited about it and ready to learn all we can learn together!

We've started off the summer by taking a two day seminar on maximizing your memory. If you haven't done this...I highly recommend it. Not for only teachers or students, but ANYONE and EVERYONE...

We took this class from Ron and it is AMAZING. We are both so excited to be using the memory skills that were taught to us in those two days! It was a great way to begin our homeschool journey.

I will be using this blog to put what we're doing, what we're learning and hopefully give any other homeschooling parents some ideas to use with their kiddos. Well, heck, it's summer! You don't even have to be homeschooling. Just some great ideas to do with you kids...

So as summer begins...I am thankful we learned about memory first...considering we will be making a ton of them....